Introducing Vjatre

A line of skincare products made of natural ingredients with turmeric, sea salt, prebiotics, and coconut oil as our hero ingredients. We present to you Vjatre moisturizer and cleanser for the health and benefit of your skin.

Supplied by Nature, Supported by Science

Because you deserve to be healthy inside and radiant on the outside

Nature provides us with the best of ingredients that have been scientifically studied for their benefits for our skin health.

Topical use of turmeric has been shown to modulate skin health and function, by reducing acne, repairing skin damage, as well as reducing wrinkles, leading to glowing and healthy younger skin [1, 2].

Probiotics in face cream have been acknowledged as anti-aging treatment, because of their ability to increase skin moisture and elasticity, to decrease wrinkle depth, and to reduce pore size [3].






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